MEET Irina & Joel who asked me to accompany them to do their ‘GET-AWAY’ civil wedding in Gretna. The couple intend to do a grand wedding in Portugal in the summer of 2016 but while the plan is ongoing, ‘ELOPING’ to a place that has a story to it—Gretna, Scotland sounded like the POETIC romantic idea of a perfect love story to be told.

A photographer was ‘KIDNAPPED’ (LOL) to ensure the pictorial documentation is published. 

Also in tow was their lovely kids, Joyce and Gabriella, who added loads of spices to the whole unique day!

Not letting my guards down, even tho I was ‘ABDUCTED’, I ensured that those intimate moments, like the bride being so emotional as a result of her true LOVE, were not missed.

Lets journey into the event of Irina & Joel’s love story CHAPTER ONE, as captured by the PHOTOGRAPHER!

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