Bim & Eldred



Ladies and Gentlemen, lovers of great wedding stories…It is with great pleasure I present to you, Bim & Eldred’s wedding story.

It was a glorious day on one of those bright lovely day that makes a beautiful wedding so special.

The wedding took place in a thriving Methodist church in the heart of London, Wesley Chapel, EC1Y 1AU.

After the solemnisation, the reception was followed at a beautiful resort in Essex called Lakeview Marquee.

There was drinking, dancing and laughing and I tried to capture each moment to depict the colourful day.

This is wishing the bride and groom a happy married life and …please enjoy the story as documented from the lens of my camera.

Bim n Eldred-1
Bim n Eldred-2 Bim n Eldred-3 Bim n Eldred-4 Bim n Eldred-5 Bim n Eldred-6 Bim n Eldred-7 Bim n Eldred-8 Bim n Eldred-9 Bim n Eldred-10 Bim n Eldred-11 Bim n Eldred-12 Bim n Eldred-13 Bim n Eldred-14 Bim n Eldred-15 Bim n Eldred-16 Bim n Eldred-17 Bim n Eldred-18 Bim n Eldred-19 Bim n Eldred-20 Bim n Eldred-21 Bim n Eldred-22 Bim n Eldred-23 Bim n Eldred-24 Bim n Eldred-25 Bim n Eldred-26 Bim n Eldred-27 Bim n Eldred-28 Bim n Eldred-29 Bim n Eldred-30 Bim n Eldred-31 Bim n Eldred-32 Bim n Eldred-33 Bim n Eldred-34 Bim n Eldred-35 Bim n Eldred-36 Bim n Eldred-37 Bim n Eldred-38 Bim n Eldred-39 Bim n Eldred-40 Bim n Eldred-41 Bim n Eldred-42 Bim n Eldred-43 Bim n Eldred-44 Bim n Eldred-45 Bim n Eldred-46 Bim n Eldred-47 Bim n Eldred-48 Bim n Eldred-49 Bim n Eldred-50 Bim n Eldred-51 Bim n Eldred-52 Bim n Eldred-53 Bim n Eldred-54 Bim n Eldred-55 Bim n Eldred-56 Bim n Eldred-57