Amy & Sam

Amy & Sam

This is the documented love story of Amy & Sam

Amy & Sam love’s story is one of those stories that one would say distance cannot diminish the ambers of love.

Sam, a doctor residing in Australia decided to fly down to London to tie the knot with his heartthrob Amy, an Irish lady whose friends confessed they will miss her dearly as she will be flying out of the United Kingdom to Australia to live with her prince charming —Sam.

The wedding ceremony took place in Basingstoke, a town in northeast Hampshire, in south central England. The wedding ceremony was very brief and lovely and after the ceremony, the couple, their family members, friends and well wishers set out on a meandering journey to Bishopswood Golf Course in Hampshire, RG26 4AT, where the reception took place. 

Oh just to add this! The party was a blast! …the guests had fun! …and I as the photographer, enjoyed myself tremendously.


Here’s wishing the couple a happy married life in Australia! 

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