Sandra + David

It was a lovely afternoon on the 3rd of October not only for Crystal Palace fan (I could hear the roar of excitement from them but couldn’t take some shots…still busy with the bride doing her final touch) as they won 2-0 against West Brom, but also for the lovely bride, Sandra who was just next door getting ready for her big day. She was filled with excitement more than that of the fans with so much anticipation of a great day ahead for just about 10 mins away, her groom, David is busy practising his moves especially with the new ‘igwe’ (A King) walking stick while family and friends wait to see the couple.

I actually met the couple about three years ago during Sandra’s brother’s traditional wedding which I happened to cover. Hopefully this relationship with my clients will continue for ever *wink*. 

As a photographer, I try to capture love through my lens especially when it has to do with the love between lovebirds like Sandra + David. 

One striking thing about Sandra + David is that, you always enjoy the moments with them and they are just #likeable persons.

As a cultural practice with Nigerian traditional weddings, they are always colourful with much dancing, jubilating…and more dancing even though it was done in London and Sandra + David trad wasn’t an exception. So, this is what I did… I tried to follow the event and tell it as it was.

I’m over the moon telling this love story and want to give you an #insight into the wonderful journey of Sandra + David #wedding!

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